About Jas. E. Bell

Jas. E. paints from his soul and from his perception of what he sees. 


Jas. E. believes that Art is a creative process.  "Creativity is what art is all about."

Technique is very important, using the different techniques in the creative process.

From an early age Jas. E. started drawing.  After high school Jas. E. attended the Ontario College of Art in Toronto, Canada.  He was strongly influenced by "Jock" Macdonald, a member of Painters Eleven, whose goal was to promote abstract art in Canada.

Jas. E. has had an extensive art career, offering night school oil painting classes in Toronto and Oshawa, was the head of the art department teaching high school students, taught summer courses at the Ontario College of Art, and owned an art gallery.

Jas. E. is an accomplished mixed medium artist, and has had numerous shows displaying his work.  In the past, he worked mostly in watercolour, painting "plein air" and drawing much of his inspiration from the shores of Lake Superior.

Currently, Jas. E. works with acrylics and paints non-objective abstract.